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ARDUINO Arduino stuff arduino
DATASHEET div for Ard etc datasheets
ENCODERS div SW encoders
LTSPICE about adding component models ltspice
C C prog language here
C online comp to archs godbolt
C DOCU doxygen doxygen
PROTOCOLS Div protocols protocols
NETWORK primers etc net
tutorials I ssfnet tcp tutorial
turorials II Beejs tcp guide
PWM in and out of … pwm
REALTIME div about RT realtime
fieldbus fb and canbus canbus
fieldbus i2c i2c
SAFETY messy safety
SCRUM agile M scrum
SENSORS div sensors sensors
XTREME axtreme coding extreme
DOCUMENTATION coding doc tools docutools
ESP32 micro esp32
STATE statemachines in C statemachines
TIME time in emb C timeinc
PLC PLC links plc
asm Schweigi 8 bit simple assembly simul local copy


Min CANSAT side

Interesting channels to follow

Andreas Spiess all kind of rt esp32 linux etc stuff youtube
My own humble youtube C, realtime,.. youtube


Links to interesting sites

  • iptables including random traffic shaping